Volume 1 Issue 3
1. Role of Difficulty in Emotion Regulation, Suicidal Ideation and Distress in Patients with Substance use disorders
Author's Name: Muhammad Zakaria and Dr.Shazia Hasan

Abstract—Cognitive theory explains that the substance intoxication develops a syndrome which directly affects the central nerves system. It further creates troubles in perception, thinking, concentration and emotion regulation. The difficulty in emotion regulation problem causes the suicidal ideation and psychological distress in substance patients, but most of the clinician is unaware about the role of emotion dysregulation in substance intoxication and other psychological problems that they didn’t provided specific treatment for emotion regulation problem to controlled substance intoxication and its related problems. The present study explore the role of difficulty in emotion regulation with suicidal ideation and psychological distress among patients with substance use disorders. The date was collected from 60 patients with substance use disorders, with age range from 18 to 35 years. The sample size was arranged through the G Power software. Data of the current study was collected from different government and private hospitals and drug rehabilitation centers of Lahore city Pakistan by using of convenient sampling technique. The difficulty emotional regulation, suicidal ideation attributes and depressions, Anxiety, Stress (DASS) scales were used for data collection. The simple linear regression statistical analysis was used for data analysis. Simple linear regression analysis indicated that difficulty in emotion regulation (β= .214) is positively associated with suicidal ideation and psychological distress, depression is (β= .322), anxiety is (β= .326) and stress (β= .320). among patients with substance use disorders. Difficulty in emotion regulation has positively predicated the suicidal ideation and psychological distress among patients with substance use disorders. The present study was found that the difficulty in emotion regulation plays a significant role in suicidal ideation and psychological distress among patients with substance use disorders

2.Lifi technology in future benefits in several sectors
Author's Name: Md. Saiful Bari

Abstract— Whether you are the usage of wireless net in an espresso shop, stealing it from the man subsequent door, or competing for bandwidth at a conference, you have probable gotten pissed off at the gradual speeds you face when extra than one system is tapped into the network. But radio waves are clearly one section of the spectrum that can raise our data. What if we can also wish to use exclusive waves to surf the internet? One German physicist. Harald Haas, has come up with a reply he calls “Data Through Illumination”—taking the fiber out of fiber optics with the resource of potential of sending records thru an LED moderate bulb that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. And safety would be a snap—if you can’t see the light, you can’t get entry to the data. Li-Fi is a VLC, considered slight communication, technological perception developed by way of using a crew of scientists collectively with Dr Gordon Povey, Prof. Harald Haas and Dr Mostafa Afgani at the University of Edinburgh. The time size Li-Fi used to be coined via skill of the use of Prof. Haas when he amazed humans by means of potential of means of streaming high- definition video from a modern-day LED lamp, at TED Global in July 2011. Unseen with the resource of practicable of the human eye, this variant is used to elevate high-speed data,” says Dr Povey, Product Manager of the University of Edinburgh's Li-Fi Program ‘D-Light Project’.