Volume 2 Issue 4
1. Use of fuzzy time series to predict the numbers of students enrolled in the Private University of Ebla (case study at the Faculty of Engineering in Aleppo).
Author's Name: Alaa Alden Al Mohamed, and Ali jeblak

Abstract—the fuzzy time series model was used to eliminate the ambiguity and volatility of the number of students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering. At The Private University of Ebla from 2009 to 2020 in order to predict the number of students expected to be enrolled from 2021 to 2032,the program has been used (QM for windows, MAT LAB, Microsoft excel for conducting the necessary mathematical and statistical analyses, and the study concluded that the results of the prediction obtained after performing the fuzzy treatment are closer to the actual numbers recorded than the results of the prediction resulting without performing the fuzzy treatment process from 2016 to 2020, which showed the importance of applying the theory of misty groups and their efficiency in reducing the effects of environmental fluctuations faced by the university studied by controlling the level of the recorded and this prompted the researcher to use the entire period of 2009-2020) in order to predict a 12-year period because of its role in the quality of decisions related to human and financial resources, supporting the process of minimizing the university's costs and providing proposed solutions for the decision maker.