Volume 3 Issue 4
1. Design Analysis of Intelligent Intelligent Private Agro Provincial Report System For Trading Using ICT’s
Author's Name: B.Kaleeswari, S.Dhivyabharathi

Abstract— The project (PRIVATE AGRO PROVINCIAL REPORT SYSTEM) is a to-day basis by both Admin and supplier of shop. The purpose of developing this Website is to organize the process of selling products of farmers to all. The work of farmers can be reduced. The buyers can buy products at provincial ICT centers. The farmers/Customer users can gain access provincial selling ICT centers for instant gratification for their products One of the best ideas to start experimenting your hands on digital marketing is Customer Satisfaction for a Digital Marketing Agency. Marketing agencies might use different digital marketing strategies to drive sales. Farmers usually are more satisfied when they get instant gratification for their products It provides a platform to the trader to automate their record keeping. The sales management is developed for the sales / purchase organization.. Provincial system is to help farmers by providing all kinds agriculture related information in the for selling their products. Intelligent Private Agro Provincial Report System For Trading Using ICT’sis farmer management website application which helps farmers to give best practice for selling the farming products. It helps. farmers to improve their productivity and profitability. It enables farmers to sell their productions through online/ICT centers.

Author's Name: S.Dhivyabharathi, B.Kaleeswari

Abstract— Countries with the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) will always have security problems and continuous life threats for those fishermen whose family’s main economic support is fishing. Even in peninsular countries like India have their boundary limit in the ocean, the people of these coastal regions have the main work of fishing, due to carelessness or without knowing their boundary limit of their country they cross the borders. In such a situation the lives of fishermen continue to be difficult. They may face bullets and attacks from the opposite Navy, at the end of attack fishermen are being abducted and their boats are being captured. So, our paper is designed to avoid such kinds of accidents and to alert the fishermen about the border area well before using the latest technology of Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

3. Enhancing Communication Skills through Activity Based Learning
Author's Name: C.N.VidhyaLakshmi, Dr.R.Sureshkumar

Abstract— At primary level students learn through meaningful activities. Being a teacher of grade four and five from a researcher’s prospective it became clear that while teaching in Grammar translation method (GTM) most of the students were not able to understand the lesson and what perceived was a lacking context and being boring. On the contrary, the Activity Based learning (ABL) is very helpful in raising the interest of the students and to make them learn in friendly environment. The aim of present research is to highlight the fact that ABL has proved to be more effective in teaching students by inventing or creating, and ABL equips teachers with many activation arms in order to manage the students according to their mental and physical context. The tool of data collection was based on interviewing from the teachers to know that to what extent they consider ABL as an effective learning method to magnify the creative effect regarding the student perception. The students were put under observation by the implementation of various learning activities and random sampling from each class i.e 3rd to 5th grade (ten) students were observed. A close ended questionnaire having Yes/No options to know the response of 10 teachers of three private institutes of District Jhang regarding the efficacy of ABL was distributed. The results remained almost 88% as the teachers were already using some of these activities which according to them are inevitable for student learning at primary level. The participation of the students in various creative activities did put a healthy effect not only on students but on teachers as well. Teachers were in view of shifting from GTM to ABL as this is a student centered method. Hence this research recommends further new activities which may be helpful in raising the quality of student learning at grass root level. These activities in the class and outside the class room in both environments proved to be effecting on the students and teachers in a positive manner. Such learning activities change the perception of learning as a whole and make the learning canvas broader and colorful.